Happy Hips - Happy Life

Happiness is an inside job. Through honoring your Self, you tap into the power of unreasonable happiness – happiness for no reason at all and experience your true nature. Balance the two forces present in nature: magnetism and electricity through a variety of hip openers leading to the threshold of Hanumanasana (the splits). Learn Shins In/Thighs Wide.


Maestro: Todd Norian
Objetivo: Apertura de Cadera
Estilo: Ashaya Yoga
Duración: 30 minutos
Publicado: viernes 28 de abril de 2017

8 Comentarios

Jill Babiarz -

Todd has been my teacher for almost a decade now and has helped me change my life! His ability to weave life enhancing philosophy with healing alignment for your body is just sublime. My husband Christopher and I just finished this wonderful mini hip opener and we feel great inside and out!

Sherri Shovers -

Todd's hip opening poses really work!! I have several issues including a rotated pelvis and disc issues at L4 and L5. This 30 minute program has already helped my hips feel relaxed and open and I only did it once. Can't wait to do it again!! Todd's combination of patience, knowledge and humor make him the best yoga teacher there is - thanks, Todd


Excellent hip opening sequence. Todd's teaching is great!

Donna O'malley -

New to ShriTV - what a treat to have a class with Todd at home. I'll take happiness and happyhips along with me through the day

Aimee Rist -

So happy to have Todd right here at home.

Beatriz Bell Jurado -

What a discovery!


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Leslie Fiore -

I’ve known Todd for 14 years and I still find his teachings comforting. Like a warm blanket